About us

Gresley Shreeve provides commercial consulting to organisations that wish to deliver positive social impact. We can help organisations develop and test growth strategies and their commercial propositions, including market dynamics, competitor landscape and customer demand.

Lead consultant, Dan Shreeve, has over 11 years of commercial experience including international business development for Ladbrokes PLC and commercial due diligence and strategy consulting for PwC and CIL Management Consultants (long-term contractor).

During this time he worked with some of the world's leading management teams and private equity houses as well as international governments across Europe, Australasia and Africa.

Who we work with

We can provide support at every stage of development:

  • Early stage social entrepreneurs or start-ups. Taking the time to properly understand the key commercial issues can position them strongly for future growth by establishing good practice from the beginning.

  • VCSEs looking to secure or expand operations. For many VCSEs struggling to secure traditional funding, there are opportunities to develop sustainable commercial models, rather than relying solely on grants. It can also allow them to secure social investment when they are ready to scale their operations.

  • Multinational corporate or private equity clients developing corporate strategy and exploring M&A opportunities.